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Get your building ready for winterIs your building ready for the winter weather?

It may still be autumn, but it’s not too early to prepare your building for the cold months! In fact, this is the best time to get ready for the winter – before the ice and snow comes.

Prepare your facility now and face fewer problems when the cold weather hits.

Here are our top 3 cleaning tips to prepare your building for winter:


  1. Floor Maintenance

You need a winter carpet and hard floor cleaning plan. Floors get extra-dirty in the winter, as people drag salt, slush, and snow in on their feet.

Don’t wait until you’re already having trouble keeping your floors clean. Before the winter gets started, walk through your building with your cleaning company manager and determine how often different areas will likely need to be cleaned throughout the winter.

Cleaning them as they get dirty is not a good strategy. The debris and soiling will start to damage your floors if you use this approach. Particularly for carpets, which absorb much unseen dirt before a problem is apparent.

You should have a custom plan already in place by the time the snow sweeps in.


  1. Matting

High quality matting at building entrances is essential during winter. Proper matting protects your floors from the worst of winter’s wrath and protects your guests from slipping on hard flooring.

We typically recommend at least 4 to 5 meters of matting at entrances, which will soak up roughly 80% of the moisture from people’s shoes.

Put fresh, high quality mats down now, before the first snow.


  1. Power Washing

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, keeps your building’s exterior looking clean and fresh, while reducing long-term damage. It’s the right solution to clean surfaces of accumulated dirt and grime.

Power washing is a good idea before the weather gets too cold, as it is a more difficult cleaning job in freezing temperatures. A good session of power washing before winter will ensure your building’s exterior is cleaned of any residue before the salt and grit of winter begin to build up on it.

If old debris build-up is left on the walls before winter starts, it will be more challenging to clean it thoroughly once the weather turns warmer.


Get Ready for Winter

Follow these cleaning tips along with other typical fall building maintenance tasks, and your building will survive the winter in great shape.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance will help prepare a winter plan for your building. Just ask us! Click here to contact us or submit a request for proposal.

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