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Sunshine has been performing meticulous new construction cleaning for over sixty years in southern Ontario, so we know that just finished buildings are always dirty.

There’s drywall dust everywhere and the windows still have glue residue from the window-manufacturer’s labels. The new carpets require serious attention. The hardwood and tile floors have a film of dust. The newly painted walls have finger marks. The light fixtures have dust! Dust, dust, dust!

Cleaning a newly constructed building—whether office or condominium—takes hard work and patience. Drywall dust and other new construction particulate settles slowly, meaning that a rush-job will not result in moving-in cleanliness.

Among our many other services, Sunshine specializes in new construction cleaning. We do it meticulously, the first time. Here are a few ways that we ensure that your office space or condominium is in move-in condition on opening day:

(1) Details: Sunshine’s policy for all of our cleaning duties—commercial, institutional, and residential—is to clean all areas thoroughly, not just visible touch points. Carpets are hot-water extraction cleaned. We wash all window and balcony door tracks, light switches, ceiling fixtures, and cupboards.

We know where construction dust settles, and we find it and remove it with high-powered HEPA vacuums so that the dust doesn’t recirculate.

(2) Healthy High Performance Cleaning Program (HHPC): Sunshine enacted its special HHPC program to minimize the adverse environmental impact on the buildings we service, and to create a safe and healthy working and living environment for all people in the buildings we service. Whenever possible, Sunshine uses environmentally responsible methods and equipment to improve indoor air quality.

(3) Hard-Floor Cleaning: Sunshine specializes in the cleaning of all hard-floor surfaces from marmoleum to marble. We ensure that individual condo units’ tile and hardwood flooring is thoroughly cleaned and polished. Common-area hard-flooring, like main floor foyers, are polished sparkling.

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