Have You Heard about Sunshine’s High Ceiling Cleaning Services?

You maintain various areas of your facility on a regular basis, but when was the last time your ceilings received a good, thorough cleaning?

High ceilings are some of the most challenging spaces to reach and easiest to accidentally neglect, which is why they can also become some of the dirtiest. If you’re not careful, those high-reach spots can quickly become hard-to-reach dust traps which can produce falling debris.

Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from having your high ceilings cleaned and what Sunshine can do to help:

The Benefits of Keeping High Ceilings Clean

Improve Appearance

You want your building to give a bright and positive first impression to anyone who walks in. Having too much dust and dirt collecting on your ceilings, lighting, and support structures will work against you, making your space look dimmer (particularly if lights and windows are blocked) and feel less inviting.

Reduce Health Hazards

Overexposure to dust—particularly the pollutants, mould, and allergens it often harbours—can aggravate people’s skin, eyes, noses, and throats. Too much dust can also be dangerous for anyone who suffers from pre-existing conditions like asthma or sinus sensitivities.

Maximize Safety

Asking your own staff or cleaning crews to clean anything that’s too high (surfaces that can only be reached with ladders, scaffolds, and lifts) can put them in a dangerous position and increase your liability.

Dust can also pose a threat if it gets into your HVAC, clogging up filters and being distributed around your facility through ventilation systems.

Additionally, some types of dust can pose fire risks:

  • Agricultural products (sugar, flour, powdered milk, etc.)
  • Metals (zinc, bronze, aluminum, magnesium, etc.)
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Pesticides
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wood
  • Textiles

Click here to download a poster [PDF] listing different types of combustible dusts.

Minimize Contamination

Depending on the nature of your operations (what types of materials you’re handling, processing, and storing), the presence of outside impurities might be a recurring worry. This is especially the case in food processing and manufacturing facilities.

How Sunshine Keeps Your High Ceilings Clean

At Sunshine, we make sure your ceilings get a comprehensive clean—vacuuming, dusting and damp wiping to lock grime away and prevent it from reappearing elsewhere in your facility:

  • Lift equipment (like scissor and boom lifts) gives us access to the top reaches of your building.
  • The SpaceVac, an innovative high-level cleaning solution tool, enables us to extend our reach and features a built-in camera so we can monitor exactly what and where we’re cleaning.
  • All Special Services staff are fully trained and certified on high-reach safety and lift equipment and are accredited by a third party.
  • Any Sunshine employee using a lift must be securely harnessed at all times.

Our industry-leading equipment, tools, and techniques let us clean even the most troublesome nooks and crannies, giving dirt (no matter how high we find it) no place to hide.

At Sunshine, our fully bonded personnel are specially trained and certified to clean high ceilings safely and effectively. Contact us to request your quote today!

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Mark Brouwers

Mark Brouwers is the Operations Manager at Sunshine Building Maintenance. He specializes in working collaboratively with clients to meet the specific cleaning needs of their building or facility.
Mark Brouwers

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