Infection Prevention Case Study: St. Luke’s Hospital

Infection PreventionInfection prevention is crucial in the hospital environment. Healthcare facilities require rigorous cleaning to ensure that their at-risk occupants are not exposed to unnecessary contagions.

Clean Link, an informational resource for cleaning industry professionals, profiled St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, Mo. This hospital has an exemplary cleaning program and dedicated staff to minimize the spread of infections throughout the facility.

St. Luke’s, which has never had an infection control outbreak, isolates a patient when they contract a ‘hospital acquired infection’ and increases cleaning frequency. They have a strict cleaning regime in place to ensure that illnesses do not spread throughout the facility.

Of particular importance are high-touch areas, or touch-points. These commonly contacted surfaces are prime areas of cross-contamination. St. Luke’s regularly uses bleach wipes on these contact points to keep them disinfected.

Read the full case study here.

As mentioned in the case study, microfiber cloths should be used to clean hospitals and other healthcare facilities, as they are more hygienic than other cleaning cloths. Microfiber is able to clean more thoroughly, pick up more particles, and remove 99% of bacteria.

Our staff are fully trained in the correct procedures for healthcare facilities, and take every precaution to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur. To learn more about our healthcare facility cleaning procedures, click here.

At Sunshine, we know how to clean for vulnerable populations. We carefully select our processes, products, and equipment to provide the cleanest and safest environment for occupants of any building. We provide thorough cleaning services for educational institutions, industrial buildings, condos, commercial buildings, and offices – as well as healthcare facilities.

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Mark Brouwers

Mark Brouwers is the Operations Manager at Sunshine Building Maintenance. He specializes in working collaboratively with clients to meet the specific cleaning needs of their building or facility.
Mark Brouwers

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