Keep Your Space Clean and Safe by Washing Your Hands

Monday, October 15th, is Global Handwashing Day. Now in its 11th year, this is a day dedicated to increasing awareness worldwide about the links between handwashing and food – including food hygiene and nutrition. This year’s theme is “Clean Hands – A Recipe for Health.” Washing your hands at critical times, especially before cooking, eating, or

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We’re Proud to Announce That We’ve Added Another Milestone to Our Collection: 4 Years with No Lost Time Injuries!

At Sunshine Building Maintenance, we’re dedicated to maintaining safe, clean and healthy environments for our customers, their visitors, and our employees alike. We’re guided by the philosophy of safe productivity, understanding that we have a responsibility to protect our clients and the environments they live and work in. We’re committed to working with you to create lasting professional

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Highly Effective Vacuuming Tips for Different Areas in Your Building

Keeping your carpets well-maintained is essential for a clean, attractive, and hygienic building. Without regular cleaning, carpets will collect dirt and debris; they will be stained and require a costly replacement. Avoid this with a careful carpet cleaning schedule implemented by professionals who use appropriate and effective techniques. Different areas in your building are best

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A Guide to Green Cleaning for Washrooms

Green cleaning is essential for the health and safety of building occupants, cleaning personnel, and the environment. For a full breakdown on the importance of green cleaning, click here to see our previous post on the topic. Restrooms are present in every building, and they are areas that require frequent cleaning. Therefore, it is particularly

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3 Carpet Cleaning Methods You Need to Use This Winter

In our previous blog, we discussed some tips for developing a winter carpet cleaning plan. Thorough, frequent carpet cleaning is essential throughout the winter months. You can keep up the appearance of your carpets and extend their life through proper winter carpet care and maintenance. The following carpet cleaning techniques are essential for proper winter

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It’s Not Too Late to Get a Flu Shot

Flu season lasts throughout the cold months of the year – and winter is just beginning. While sickness can be mitigated through frequent cleaning (especially of high-touch areas), getting the flu shot is a great way to ensure you and your loved ones are healthy throughout the upcoming season. Here’s a reminder from the Government

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