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Office CleaningSometimes, it’s the little things that can have a big impact on your building’s overall cleanliness and appearance.

Of course, you already know that you need to make sure the hard floors and carpets are clean, and that the entrance area is clear of debris. But what about those smaller, subtler details that can be overlooked?

Here are three details you (or your professional cleaning company) shouldn’t miss if you want a truly clean building:

1.     Remove the Smudges from Shiny Surfaces

Windows, elevator doors, glass tabletops, stair railings. These are important for your building’s overall appearance. Even if your guests or occupants don’t notice the smudges specifically, they will sense that the surfaces aren’t as clean as they could be.

These surfaces should all be clear of smudges, fingerprints, and marks.

2.     Disinfect Your Touch Points

Touch points are any surfaces that are frequently contacted by people as they move through your building.

This includes hand railings, elevator buttons, light switches, coffee machines, waiting room surfaces, door knobs or handles, bathroom faucets, and so on.

Although people may not notice when these areas haven’t been disinfected in a while, it’s an absolutely essential task to keep your building hygienic. Touch points are the primary places where bacteria and germs spread from person to person.

If you’re not keeping them clean, you’re allowing illnesses to run rampant.

3.     Dust in Little-used Areas

Some areas in your facility or office probably require regular, maybe even daily, dusting. However, some spots may not get the same attention as these high-importance places. And it’s easy for those areas of lower importance to be missed if you don’t make a conscious effort to remember them.

Here’s an example: when was the last time your ceiling and light fixtures were dusted? Dusting these spots can brighten up a room as well as improving its general cleanliness.

Even if you operate a manufacturing facility, you will probably have certain areas that are rarely dusted because they are hard to get to. Eventually though, it’s important to ensure those areas are thoroughly cleaned and dusted.

Dust build-up creates health concerns, disrupts air quality, and impacts the appearance of your building. Get rid of it!

Don’t Cut Corners!

Make sure these smaller cleaning tasks are being done, and you’ll know your building is thoroughly clean for occupants. That means your building will be healthier, safer, and more attractive.

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