Clean OfficeAs a business owner, you need to do your homework on the cleaning companies you’re considering for your office. Your office houses a variety of important materials and documents – including merchandise, supplies, and employee files – which is why it’s important to work with a reputable cleaning company who can securely, efficiently, and thoroughly deliver a complete clean.

When looking for an office cleaning company, make sure you ask these 5 questions:

1.     How long has your company been in business?

Although some operators carrying a window cleaner and a rag call themselves “professional cleaners,” you need to ensure you choose to work with an established cleaning company that has the skills, experience, and teams to ensure a thorough clean.

2.     What types of clients does your company serve?

Asking this question will help you find out if companies have experience providing cleaning services for an office like yours. This is especially important if your office has specific needs or requires specialized care.

3.     What types of cleaning services will your company provide?

Beyond dusting and vacuuming, what other services will cleaning companies you’re considering provide? Will they be able to thoroughly clean your hard floors and carpets, power wash your exteriors, or work with you before, during, and after special events?

In an office environment, thoroughly cleaning touch points – high-traffic surfaces like door knobs, light switches, and phones – is particularly important for reducing the spread of illness-causing bacteria and germs. Ensure the cleaning company you work with uses the right equipment, tools, and practices to guarantee a complete clean.

4.     What are your company’s certifications and standards?

Make sure the cleaning company you choose adheres to strict standards of excellence (including a quality assurance program), holds industry-leading certifications, and is insured and bonded.

5.     How will your company communicate with us?

Your cleaning company should make it easy for you to communicate with them and keep track of progress. Using web-based software (like Cleantelligent), a company’s employees can log cleaning details (time and date of completion, work orders, and inspection results). If a problem arises, you can give immediate feedback so the company can take real-time action.

6.     Is your company committed to green cleaning?

Green cleaning cares for buildings, their inhabitants, and the larger environment by using eco-friendly and health-conscious practices and materials:

Your office cleaning company should offer:

  • Cleaning products that adhere to established health and safety criteria
  • Microfiber technology, used where applicable, to extend the life of cleaning materials and minimize waste
  • Equipment and practices to reduce noise pollution

Choosing the right cleaning company will ensure an easy, stress-free, and thorough clean for your office, creating a welcoming environment for employees and guests.

Sunshine has been providing comprehensive cleaning services – including offices – since 1952. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs!

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