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Cleaning ProductsOver 2 million Canadians suffer from asthma – a number which has steadily risen for over 20 years. Unfortunately for those with asthma, many of the cleaning chemicals commonly used in workplaces, public buildings, and homes are asthma symptom triggers.

Not to mention, those chemicals aren’t good for people without asthma, either.

In a recent study of professional cleaning service employees – reported on in the Canadian Safety Reporterbleach, glass cleaner, detergents, and air fresheners all made asthma symptoms worse, with effects lasting until the next morning.

The article suggests that, although the topic needs more research, protections should be put in place to keep people in various settings healthy. This includes industrial facilities, hospitals, offices, and so on.

“‘These results support the importance of developing workplace health and safety practices designed to limit exposures to irritant chemicals in cleaning products,’ the study team writes in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.”

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At Sunshine, we take people’s health very seriously. That’s why we have our green cleaning protocols in place, including the “Healthy High Performance Cleaning Program”.

We use products, methods, and equipment that are healthy and safe, yet which are still proven effective. Through this, we minimize human exposure to harmful contaminants, cleaning residues, and pollutants.

We believe all professional cleaning companies should be held to a higher standard when it comes to healthy cleaning. Even though a building may look clean, it may not be healthy. One of the central purposes of cleaning is to maintain health; therefore, in our view, unhealthy cleaning practices are counterproductive.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance is focused on providing responsible, effective cleaning for buildings in southern Ontario. Contact us for a quote or to submit a request for proposal.

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