Carpet cleaningHave you heard of the hot water extraction method for carpet cleaning?

It’s the deepest clean for carpets. Are you using it in your building?


What Is Hot Water Extraction for Carpets?

You may have heard of the terms “steam cleaning” or “steam-extraction” before. While these terms are often used to describe hot water extraction, they’re actually quite misleading! Hot water extraction does not actually involve using steam to clean. The visible steam is a by-product of the hot water cleaning process.

Hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning method where hot water is mixed with a detergent cleaning solution, which is then sprayed deep into the carpet through a high pressure concentrated jet.

The process forces out any deeply penetrated dirt, salt, soiling, and particles – which are promptly vacuumed away by the high power vacuum in front of the sprayer.

This method is the most thorough carpet cleaning method and is widely recommended by carpet manufacturers to keep carpets in the best condition. Furthermore, no chemicals or detergents are left behind by this process, making it both safe and effective.


How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned with Hot Water Extraction?

While other carpet cleaning methods are important, they tend to be surface-level treatments. Hot water extraction is the deepest carpet clean.

Depending on the amount of foot traffic in different areas in your building, you will want to create a customized hot water extraction schedule.

Whatever frequency you find to be reasonable, we recommend increasing it during the winter months, when snow, salt, and slush will soil your carpets faster than usual.


Are There Different Hot Water Extraction Options?

Typically, there are two ways of storing the extracted water and particles: 1) portable holding tank, or 2) truck-mounted holding tank.

Health and cleaning professionals commonly recommend the truck-mounted option, as it ensures the dirty air and humidity are exhausted outside rather than recirculated indoors. This allows for better indoor air quality throughout your building!

Plus, a truck-mounted hot water extraction unit will often be more powerful than the portable alternative – providing a deeper, better clean.

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