The Sunshine team would like to wish all of our clients and Suppliers a safe and wonderful holiday season – and a Happy New Year!Happy Holidays

Our Holiday Hours

  • December 24th – Half Day; Closed at 1:00pm
  • December 25th – Closed
  • December 26th – Closed
  • December 31st – Half Day; Closed at 1:00pm
  • January 1st – Closed

We can work out special schedules with individual clients over the holidays, to ensure any extra work is completed around their own holiday schedules. Contact us if you need to discuss your holiday cleaning schedule.

Cleaning Over the Holidays

Does your building or office have time off to spend with loved ones over the holidays?

Most businesses and buildings have some degree of shutdown – whether it’s a complete closure or working with a skeleton crew – during this time. That means it’s the perfect time to have those more extensive cleaning tasks done!

Here are the top two cleaning jobs that are ideal for this time of year:

Floor Refinishing

If you want shiny, attractive hard flooring in your building, regular floor refinishing is a must.

Floor stripping and refinishing is an essential component of a proper floor maintenance plan. It gets rid of stains, old wax, and stubborn soiling that can’t be swept or mopped away.

However, floor refinishing can mean closing a whole floor or area of the building while the cleaners do their work – unless the building occupants are already out of the building for the holidays!

Read our blog post, “Do You Know These 4 Tips for Having Your Building’s Hard Floors Stripped?”

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are another area of your building that need to be frequently cleaned with care. This is particularly vital during the winter months, when snow, slush, and salt from outdoors are ground into the carpet fibers by pedestrian feet.

Remember: Carpets conceal their soiling for a long time before you can see any marks. By the time the carpets start to look grimy and unpleasant, they’ve had far too much time to absorb the dirt.

Although every carpet cleaning method needs to be used appropriately through the winter, we highly recommend the hot water extraction method over the holiday break. It’s the method that offers the deepest clean, removing even the most stubborn, deeply penetrated slush and dirt.

This, too, is great maintenance item to check off your list over the holiday season while building occupants are off-premise.

Read our blog post, “Effectively Clean Carpets with Hot Water Extraction.”

>> Please enjoy your holidays with friends and family!

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