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Carpet CleaningCoffee spill on your carpet that just won’t go away? Stubborn salt spots from winter? Dirty stains that keep coming back, over and over again?

This is called “carpet wicking”. It happens when soil is trapped so deep in your carpet that it has penetrated the carpet padding or the subflooring. After a carpet cleaning – even a deep carpet cleaning – the spot reappears time and time again, because the residual soil moves back up to the tips of the carpet fibers.

How to Deal with Carpet Wicking

Depending on how big the stain is – and how deep it is – you have a few options for removing it.

Proper carpet cleaning methods are essential for removing carpet wicking spots. If you don’t use the right procedures with the right chemicals, you can actually make the problem worse! For example, you should usually use a solvent-based product before a water-based product (but this depends on what caused the stain).

You should enlist a professional cleaning company to tackle the stain. They will do some preliminary work to remove the stain (vacuuming, etc.), and then use hot-water carpet extraction to give the carpet a deep, thorough clean.

Sometimes, it can take several carpet extractions to remove particularly stubborn carpet wicking spots.

Preventing Carpet Wicking Is the Most Effective Solution

Don’t let spills have the chance to seep down into your carpet! If you clean up a spill or spot right after it happens, you will greatly reduce the likelihood that the carpet will show an ongoing stain.

Use cleaning solution right away on the spot and then remove as much moisture as you can by blotting at the spot (don’t rub it – that will make it worse!). Do this a few times until you can’t see the stain anymore.

Even if you act immediately, sometimes carpet wicking is unavoidable. You may notice the spot the next day. Or you may not notice it until the next time you do a deep carpet clean, which can bring the underlying soil to the surface.

If you notice carpet wicking in the carpets in your building, it’s time to call a professional cleaning company!

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