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Day porter services provide much-needed relief for busy facility managers and business owners. It’s the day porter’s (or matron’s) job to ensure your building is clean and presentable at all times, particularly during the day and between regularly scheduled cleaning.

The day porter takes care of all the little cleaning and maintenance tasks that arise throughout the building – so you don’t have to.

In our last post, we went into detail about the duties a day porter or matron can perform.

Today, we are discussing situations which call for day porter services.

Why Do I Need a Day Porter?

You may need a day porter if:

  • You have a large building or complex of buildings: It can be a challenge to ensure all areas of a large space are well-maintained at all times. A day porter can be assigned to a specific floor, building, or entire complex depending on your needs. They will keep their designated section clean and orderly, so you don’t have to worry about the state of the various areas under your care while you’re busy with other tasks.
  • You have a busy building: Day porters are typically deployed in the areas of your building with the heaviest traffic and potential for mess, such as the lobby, washroom, kitchenette, and so on. It’s important to keep these places clean and appealing – and overnight cleaning sometimes isn’t enough.
  • The first impression your building makes on visitors is paramount: Whether your building is big or small, or bustling or calm, you will want to consider a day porter if you absolutely need to make a dazzling first impression to your visitors. You can’t afford to overlook the dead leaves in the entranceway or the smudges on the window if your building’s appearance plays an essential role in how visitors view you and your business or facility.
  • You are going on vacation: If you’re a live-in superintendent, for example, and you want to take time off for a holiday, it can be hard to find the backup personnel to cover your duties while you’re away. A day porter can fill in for you while you’re gone, letting you sit back and relax knowing your building is in good hands.

If you think you would benefit from day porter services, you should find a cleaning company that will work with you to customize the right mix of staffing levels, schedule, duties, and day maintenance plan for your specific building and needs.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance will customize your cleaning routine to your specific requirements and ensure you get a day porter who is the right ‘fit’. Contact us today!

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