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To be move-in ready for opening day, new buildings typically need a thorough clean. All those little, often overlooked, spots should be spic-and-span. After all, it’s a freshly constructed building; it should look and feel fresh throughout!

Cleaning a new building can’t be rushed – it requires hard work and attention to detail.

Here are just a few of the areas that need to be properly cleaned in a new building:

Hard Floors

Hard floors should be auto-washed, sealed, waxed, and scrubbed.

They show dirt and scuff marks easily, so special care must be taken to bring them up to high move-in-ready standards. By the time the cleaning company is done, the hard floors should shine.


Carpets should be cleaned with hot-water extraction, pile lifting, vacuuming, and/or bonnet surface cleaning.

Any carpets in the new building may already suffer from dust and soiling, ground into the fibers by the feet of the construction crew. Depending on the needs of each building, different carpet cleaning and maintenance methods can be used to ensure a thorough carpet clean.

Windows, Walls, Ceilings, and Doors 

Dust settles on everything. A highly detailed clean of every surface is necessary for post-construction cleaning, from windows to light fixtures – and everything in between. These areas must be cleaned of dust, marks, and scuffs.

High-powered HEPA vacuums are ideal for removing the largest amount of dust possible and improving the air quality of the new building.

Parking Lots and Garages

If the new construction involved a parking lot or garage, it should be auto-swept and power washed (also known as high-pressure washing). A clean parking garage will make a great first impression on the new building occupants.

Each of these places in post-construction buildings need to be scrubbed and cleaned until they look as good as new – which of course, they are!

>> Post-construction cleaning is one of Sunshine’s specialties! Our detail-oriented approach and short notice availability will ensure your building is ready for move-in day. Contact us now.

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