imgresOver the last several months, we have been conducting extensive product testing to ensure our staff are equipped with the most sustainable line of cleaning chemicals and equipment. Over 15 different manufacturers and 5 distributors participated in this review. Our review also included an analysis of our procurement practices to reduce waste and streamline our process in an effort to further reduce costs.

We are proud to report that our new chemical product line is entirely EcoLogo certified and 100% Canadian. EcoLogo is the highest certification available in Canada for reduced environmental impact.

We are excited about the new equipment and cleaning products we have selected, and are confident that these tools will help our employees provide clean and healthy working environments.

About Our New Cleaning Chemical Product Line: Avmor

Avmor provides optimal cleaning solutions while maintaining and enhancing health and safety standards. Remaining Canada’s leading provider of professional cleaning solutions, Avmor’s innovative products and cleaning programs promote efficient, healthier, and sustainable practices that exceed performance expectations.

Learn about Avmor:

Avmor’s line of cleaning products is particularly ideal for sensitive building populations, such as those in long-term care homes, hospitals, or schools. Of course, these healthier EgoLogo certified cleaning products are beneficial for all environments. For example, traditional cleaning products can trigger asthma and allergies for employees in office environments, while green cleaning products with fewer irritant chemicals are designed to limit exposure.

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